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2019 Alumni


Nikki Cabuco

Playing VK for 2 years was more than just being a part of a basketball team, it was a family. VK has impacted my life on and off the court, for it gave me the chance to not only discover friendships that will last a lifetime but qualities within myself that I did not know I could achieve. Our summers were always a blast, being coached by the best and surrounded by a safe and loving environment. I will always cherish the memories with me and the voice of coach Anthony Beyrouti telling us to run wind sprints.


Alanya Davignon

Playing VK basketball has had huge impact on my life and helped me become the player I am today. My amazing teammates and coaches are what made this experience so memorable because they taught me to always believe in myself and to play with a positive mindset. Having been a part of this program for 3 years was such an incredible experience and I am so grateful for all the opportunities that it gave me.


Karsen Look


Although I only had the chance to play for VK for one year, it was one of the best experiences of my life.  I cannot thank the coaching staff enough for all the time they spent working with me and the skills they taught me. Through traveling with VK I made so many memories and many new friendships in such a short amount of time. In the beginning, practices were tough, but the coaches continued to push me and made sure I always gave 100%.  Training with VK made me the player I am today and I am so grateful that I had the opportunity to wear a VK jersey and I am proud to say that I am a VK alumni.


Grace Killins

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Ayden Kristmanson


When I came back to VK for U17, I remember being so scared because all my friends on the team told me, “Anthony makes us run a lot” and the words, “scary running drill” seemed to be coming out of their mouths a little more than I would have liked. I’ll never forget the first day of practice for our U17 team where Anthony started us off with one of his, many, inspirational speeches. It went something along the lines of, “If you give 100% effort throughout practice, we won’t run. If I see the effort lacking, we will run.” I don’t think any girl ever gave less than 100% after that. Not only did Anthony’s inspirational speeches and running “threats” motivate us, but we had an unbreakable trust between each other to always give 100%. I think that’s one of the things that makes VK so unique and special, the fact that it’s a group of girls from all over BC who play the game of basketball as a family, instead of just a team.


Jessica Parker


Emily Instant

Playing for VK basketball was a very positive experience. I was able to improve on the court with the guidance of the amazing coaches who motivated me to always perform my best. I also was able to meet so many great teammates and made some lifelong friendships. The amount of support I received from VK and the strong relationships built, truly made it something special to be apart of. Whether it was practices, games, travelling, spending time with my teammates, or touring around a new city, it was always inspiring to see the team achieve so much together with the guidance of some very inspiring coaches. 


Jessica Wisotzki

Being apart of VK these past three years was an unforgettable experience. All the friendships and memories I made with my team will never be forgotten. VK gave us the opportunity to travel across the states and play some tough competition while having fun. I am extremely grateful for this program and what our coach Anthony Beyrouti has done to grow the game of girls basketball in our community. 

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Tessa Burton


Julia Strigl


Joining vk at its beginning and growing with the program was an amazing experience I’m very grateful for. I played with our group of girls, getting better everyday and learning from the awesome coaches the program has to offer. I thank Anthony for giving us this opportunity and being a huge part of the player I am today as well as the person I’ve become. So many memories from playing teams from all over the states and the special experiences within and out of basketball will forever be cherished.


Talia Sireni

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